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So as school and sports start to ramp up, it’s going to get harder and harder to make time for this project as I want to complete it by the first week of summer.

I made some huge progress today, but it’s really still a baby step, the proof of concept using a brushless motor was reassuring that this will be expandable into something  that is powered by brushless motors (some kind of tricopter) but there’s still quite a lot to get done.


First things first, I’d like to get started on re-tooling “Vehicle_Companion” to fit the needs of this new communication protocol I’ve established. Before it acted as an intermediate between the Arduinos, and now it shouldn’t have any effect on that at all, and should only supply visual feedback from the controller.

Reason being is that I need to get more feedback from the drone than led brightness levels. Plus I’m getting a little tired of C, it’ll be good to get back into VB for a while.


I also need to come up with a way to power the controller. Plain and simple it doesn’t make sense that it’s still tied to a computer.


After that I need to start locking down the vehicle’s PCB. I don’t need to do this to the controller as it’s BOUND to go through countless revisions as the vehicle does. Since the RC car is going to be able to be operated basically with just the joystick, It wouldn’t make sense to over complicate things. Here’s a preview of what it may look like.


After that it’s time to make some decisions on what the final form of this thing is going to be, I go back and forth because of a few reasons but for now I that some sort of multirotor is going to be the best.

Hey! This post was written a long time ago, but I'm leaving it up on the off-chance it may help someone. Proceed with caution. It may not be a good idea to blindly integrate this code or work into your project, but instead use it as a starting point.

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