Dead Simple Flickr Uploader

Project Description

This project was designed for photographers who take a a lot of photos and don’t have the time or the resources to upload them all to Flickr using the pretty slow and unintuitive batch upload function built into Flickr. It is deigned to be a stand alone unit with a very simple interface and no computer or screen involved.

Development Log

Basic Skeleton – The first post where I do something with this project, the video establishes the purpose.

Copy from SD to HDD – This shows the mechanism to copy files from the SD card to the HDD attached to the pi.

Uploading Photos, Creating and Populating a Photoset – This is where the core functionality of the device is established. Essentially the program walks though the SD card and marks all image files for upload. Then it uploads every one of them to flickr. From there it creates a photoset and dumps all of the photos into that album.

Updating Code for Mounting and Mounting Capabilities – Simple update that mounts and unmounts the SD card before and after uploading the photos.

Reliable Batch Uploads to Flickr – Uploading each photo in one single thread as fast as it could was not working very well. There were quite a few errors that would come up and cause the program to crash making it very unreliable. This edition makes the program upload a photo every 20 seconds spreading out the process between all available threads. 4000+ photos have been uploaded without a hitch.

LED bar graph / set add update – Adds better user experience and fixes adding photos to the set.

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