Smart Speaker | Proximity Potentiometer Proof of Concept

New project! First, here’s a video:

This is the proof of concept for the volume control of the speaker system. In it’s final form, this sensor will be exposed to the outside and will allow users to control the volume without opening the system, preserving the fidelity of the inside. For example, imagine a user is at the beach and wants to change the volume but they have sand covered hands or wet hands. This system will solve that problem.

The sensor is theĀ Sharp GP2Y0A41SK0F. Here are some very very macro shots of sensors inner workings.

But now for what you came here for, the code. It’s very poorly commented as this is just a prototype, but it’s better than nothing. As this project progresses I’ll posted updated versions of this code.

This demo also relies heavily this shift register. I still haven’t decided if i’m going to use a buzzer to interact with the user or if I’m going to use these bar graphs.

Here are some photos of the board if you want to try and work out the schematic:


  1. Do you have any idea what’s the minimum distance that this sensor would be able to detect? I’m considering using it to measure water level, but I would like to get the sensor as close as possible to the fluid.

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