Server Upgrade | Getting a VM running

Alright! Time to get VM’s rolling.

I’m going to be running phpvirtualbox on Ubuntu Server 12.04.3. The phpvirtualbox software will work really well because it’s web based and the server is headless.

Basically I’m following these guides:

And doing the following:

Install VirtualBox – note you will most likely need to upgrade

Add the line

To that file then exit by hitting ^X. Continuing:

Then install phpvirtualbox

Edit this file to set $username and $password match the user you created earlier
Also add the following disable phpVirtualbox’s authentication:

Then ^X to exit. Continue with the installation:

Add the line:

Then ^X to exit. Start virtualbox with:

And then navigate to yourserversip/phpvirtualbox

Then getting a virtalbox VM running inside of that is easy!

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