PiPlanter | Graphing With PHP 2

This is a much more refined version of that graph I created earlier. This one is much more detailed, and the sizes of the graph can easily be controlled with the imageSizeX and Y Vals. This program will render:

This image: And by modifying the values mentioned above to:

You will get this…

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PiPlanter | Graphing With PHP

Again, short post. This php code:

will produce this graph: I learned this using this resource: http://phpmaster.com/charting-with-pchart/ Hey! This post was written a long time ago, but I’m leaving it up on the off-chance it may help someone, but proceed with caution. It may not be a good idea to blindly integrate this code or…

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PiPlanter | Interfacing an ADC, Python, and MySQL [Documentation]

As this post is more of an update, I won’t be adding any explanations, just giving the python code. This will read 3 values from the adc and put them into the database “adc_database”. It will put them in the table “adc_input_data_4” in the columns “Channel_1″,”Channel_2” and “Channel_3” respectively.

There you go, bigger post…

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DEVON BRAY MK4 Digital Dashboard A fully digital dashboard for a vintage automobile. Custom GUI on a 7in display, keypad locking and unlocking, push to start, integrated backup camera, cruise control among other features. All open-sourced. Completed on assignment during my residency at Hitchcock Management Note that this write-up is still a work in progress. CHAMP:…

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Multi Audio Official Raspberry Pi Blog – Play multiple sounds simultaneously with a Raspberry Pi Hackaday – Python script sends each speaker it’s own sound file Hackster.io – Raspberry Pi-Powered Installation Plays Multiple Tracks on Ear-Shaped Speakers Featured on Maker Update: Blinkbox BlinkBox: Debugging Tool For Addressable LEDs Ramp up programmable LED troubleshooting with the BlinkBox PiPlanter PiPlanter:…

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