UV Resin Curing Cabinet

Project Description

This project was a task of mine during my internship at MADE@MassChallenge. The goal was to speed up the turnaround time for prints coming through the Formlabs Form1+ SLA 3D Printer.  The formlabs produces awesome models, remarkably good for the cost of the unit actually however, post processing these prints leaves a little to be desired in the time domain.

Basically, this is an oven for these SLA prints. There are 72 high power UV LEDs to speed up the curing process by blasting prints with UV light driven by an Arduino running code that keeps track of time displays it.

An interesting challenge with this project was making something that looked good, but also easy to use and simple to the point where it wouldn’t need any maintenance at all.  As MADE is a hardware lab, we wanted to show off the hardware driving the system as well which was an interesting design challenge for me.

Development Log

UV Resin Curing Cabinet | Declaration and Software Flow: A initial build of the electronics and the code running on top of all of it as well as a flowchart showing how the whole software scheme.

UV Resin Curing Cabinet | CAD Modeling And Physical Build and Installation:  Goes over the CAD Model for the physical build as well as photos and details of actually printing/lasing/assembling the final product.

UV Resin Curing Cabinet | Final Code, Schematic, Bill Of Materials and Demo: A final overview of the built project as well as details on how to build the system.


  1. Hi,
    I am trying to build your UV curing cabinet, i have all the parts ready to go including an arduino uno board. However I’m brand new to arduino and i am having difficulty working out the wiring from the fritzing picture. Is there a simple newbie “how to” for this project available?

    Im probably jumping in at the deep end here, but your cabinet is absolutely perfect for curing my resin prints.

    Any help is greatly appreciated thanks

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