Smart Speaker

Project Description

This project is a cheap, custom boombox fitted with a microcontroller and a proximity sensor to allow the user to change settings on the speaker without them having to touch it. It is designed to be low cost and have more features than modern boombox speakers which cost an insane amount of money for what they’re capable of doing. The Smart Speaker is battery powered, and bluetooth enable as well and can charge things like cellphones.

Development Log

Proximity Control Proof of Concept: Shows that the arduino is capable of using the proximity sensor to write to LED’s

Use of Digital Potentiometer with Arduino: Shows the arduino controlling a digital potentiometer with SPI

Power System Proof of Concept: Shows that the whole system is capable of being powered via a 12v motorcycle battery.

Lepai A6USB/FM Audio Amplifier Teardown and Potentiometer Breakout: Shows internal workings of the amp and the first of the modifications to it.

Full Working Prototype: A non-refined version of the system that shows that the goal of the project capable of being accomplished.

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