Self-hosting Email & WordPress Servers

Project Description

This project outlines setting up personal email server using citadel instead of paying $60/year for email addresses within your custom domain. This project also details how to transfer a whole wordpress blog from one server to another using Duplicator. Both the email and WordPress server are virtual machines, and this project is also a guide to setting that all up as well.

Development Log

Inaugural Post – Where I outline what I want to do in the project, and spec out the server itself.

Build Pictures – Where I build the server

Installation of phpvirtualbox – Getting VM’s running and usable on a headless server

Accessing A VM – Using SSH to get into a virtual machine

Stress Testing the Server – I make huge numbers

Installing Citadel inside of a Virtual Machine – Citadel is an email server

Full installation and deployment and testing of Citadel – The white whale of this project.

Migrating WordPress – I move this blog to a different server

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