Creature Capture

Project Description

Creature Capture is a system that monitors a given area at night and captures video of that area when it is determined an animal is present. It is implemented using a Raspberry Pi for the host computer which runs primarily python code. The goal of the project is to provide insight into what kinds of animals lurk around the users home at night, and to hopefully capture the antics of these animals.

Development Log

Project Declaration & Top Level Flowchart: This is the first version of the system flowchart. This post also highlights the initial barriers to competition of the project as well as provides a timeframe as to when it should be developed.

Stopping Raspivid After a Non-Predetermined Time: This post shows the solution I came up with for stopping a Raspivid after an undetermined amount of time.

Variable Video Capture Length Code & Testing, Frame Rate Issues: Demonstrates use of delay function between starting and stopping the video based on inputs from outside function. Also explains issue with frame rate and time warping.

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