Code Toolbox

The following posts are bits of code that I use all the time.

Blink out IP address for Raspberry Pi using Python: A utility that makes finding the IP address of the Raspberry Pi very simple.

Parsing incoming serial strings with Arduino: A bit of code I use all the time to split up incoming serial data.

Getting a Raspberry Pi on WPA-EAP Wifi: This is pretty hard to do! Since my school uses this security standard, and I re-format my Pi’s a lot I find myself going to this guide often.

WordPress installation on ubuntu 10.04: A post detaining how to do a thorough installation of WordPress on ubuntu 10.04. This includes the steps necessary to upload images, and use custom permalinks.

Host Multiple Webservers Out Of One IP Address (reverse proxy) Using Ngnix: I use this config a lot as I add more servers to my network.

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