Ammo Box Speakers | Ordering Parts

It’s summer time and I just got a bunch of money for graduating so the next logical step is make a boom box.

I have already ordered the parts, so here’s my list and an explanation for each part:

Amp – This is the heart of the system. Essentially it’s a small amplifier that will run on 12v. According to the reviews it’s pretty loud. It will take a very standard 3.5mm audio input, or a dual channel analog signal which will be easy to build around.

Battery – Long time followers will know I have a pretty big charger that should be able handle charging this beast. It’s 12v, which is the amp runs on.

Speakers – I picked these mostly because if their compatibility with the amp, and their good reviews on amazon, and the fact that they come with a grill and mounting hardware.

Bluetooth Receiver – This is another “selling point” of the system. Users will play music over Bluetooth. It can be powered via 5v, and I have a spare switching regulator that I can use to power it.

Ammo Box Enclosure – This will house the project. It is big enough, and easy enough to cut into to mount the speakers into the side. It is also sealed, so getting sand in it won’t be that big of an issue for beach trips.

I’ll keep updating as parts come in.

Hey! This post was written a long time ago, but I'm leaving it up on the off-chance it may help someone. Proceed with caution. It may not be a good idea to blindly integrate this code or work into your project, but instead use it as a starting point.

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