PiPlanter | Graphing timed mysql data with pchart

Time to get this data we’re harvesting graphed. In a couple past posts, I’ve used pChart to graph random data but now since data is getting dumped into a mysql chart, it would make sense to try and graph that data.

To install pChart on my system (same installs as listed in this post) to do that do the following:

First, get the php5-gd package by running:

Then download, rename and move the pChart files to the proper directory:

Now pChart is ready to be used.

I used a lot of the info found here:



The code is pretty well commented so I’m not really going to get into describing it, but essentially, the following php will┬áretrieve data from a mysql table (which is being populated by a python script seen in this post) and after leaving it on in my room for like 3 days, render this graph:

Here’s that php script:

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