PiPlanter | Going from analog data to the web using python, mysql and php

Here’s a video:

Essentially, the adc reads an analog value and sends it to python. Python connects to a mysql database and adds the data to that. Once the user accesses the php script, a table, containing all of the values, is rendered.
First of all, you’ll need to make a mysql table with the correct specifications:

This creates a table that is found in the python script so it is very important that the TABLE values match as well as the column names.
Here’s that python script:

This reads the values from the adc (it is wired up as seen in this post)
Here’s the php, it reads the values from the adc_input_data_10 table on the adc_database.

This is all very preliminary stuff, and I’ll tighten up the code as time goes on.

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