New! is officially going away. I will be removing all videos pertaining to content that is hosted on this website, and re-upload them to my new channel at They will be reinstated on this site as well.

The why here is irrelevant. This change will slow me down a bit a first – I know i’ll be losing 90% of my audience by this change. Over time however, this change is one that needed to happen. thesupertechchannel was created in a time where I really didn’t know what content I wanted to make. I was a kid in middle school with a laptop and a copy of Sony Vegas. My analytics show that >= 50% of my views are found via search engine anyways so as long as I market myself better or at least as consistently as I did in days past, it won’t take me long to get to the point where I get ~ 100 views per video again.

I will also be able to analyze where my traffic is coming from better with this change. Hopefully I’ve some audience from this website,  and now that i’ve implemented changes in the back end of the operation of this site to be able to see where views are coming  from, I’ll be able to tailor content style to whatever posts get me the most traffic – what viewers want.


also: minecraft,

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