Raspberry Pi as a dedicated “Twitch Plays Pokemon” Viewer

I’m not too proud of this but my laptop couldn’t handle streaming ‘Twitch Plays Pokemon’ and me doing day to day tasks and I can’t stop watching now. I’ve decided to use a spare Raspberry Pi have to keep the stream open 24/7 on a spare monitor I have.

Here’s a video:

Thanks to Livestreamer it is unbelievably easy to view this stream.

The following command will install Livestreamer:

apt-get install python-pip
pip install livestreamer

To make things even simpler, I have also written the following python program that will open the stream to HDMI. You can set the line that runs this program as a cron job to run at boot if you wish.

import os
os.system("livestreamer twitch.tv/twitchplayspokemon best -np  'omxplayer -o hdmi'")

Which you can get on your pi with:

wget http://www.esologic.com/source/TPP/raspberry_TPP.py

Once it is downloaded you can run it with:

python raspberry_TPP.py

And it will open on your HDMI monitor.

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