Me Update

Hi guys!

So here’s the deal. I left for college about a week ago. I’m here now, and I don’t think I’m going to be able to continue doing this kind of stuff at the rate I’ve been doing it lately.

There will defiantly still be content on this website, I plan on continuing this thing until I physically can’t so no worries there.

I’ll keep you posted, thanks for reading.

DSFU – Adding Email Functionality, Better User Experience, Stable Set Adding

Big post for this project, here’s a video:

This version of the code implements a few really cool features.

First things first I added 10 LEDs that display the percent uploaded of the batch. For example if 13 / 100 photos have been uploaded, the first LED will light up. If 56 / 100 the first 5 LEDs will light up. Eventually the 10 junk LEDs will be replaced with a bar graph which will be mounted externally on the front panel of the enclosure.

I am using every single available output on my Pi now, but I was able to get away with adding 1 more LED that I should be able to use by using a transistor array explained here:

On the code side of things, I updated the way photos are added to the set. It uses the same principal as described in the previous post (using APscheduler to do the adding on an interval). All of these changes can be seen below, it’s still very poorly commented however.

Thanks for reading!

Multiple Project Update

Hi guys

So I’ve been eeking out all that I can of my last few days of summer, and there hasn’t been much rain or bad weather at all. As a result, I’m not posting much at all.

Doesn’t mean I’m not working though, I’ve been doing a couple things.

First thing’s first my speaker is done. I just need to get a bunch of video edited, and a big post written.

Secondly I’m still working really hard on my dead simple flickr uploader (dsfu). The cool thing about this project is that it has the potential to be very useful to quite a number of people, so I’m trying to make sure that it is very stable, and very easy to duplicate. This means for the most part I’ve been doing a series of 4000+ photo uploads trying to break my script. It’s happened a lot, and you can check my twitter feed to see my brain melt as I try and figure out the problem. This project won’t necessarily be “complete” until I have a 3D printer at my disposal to create the enclosure I want.

As for the PiPlanter, it’s still a work in progress. The update I did with my last post was a start to something really complete it is in no way finished. I still need to move the camera, and the plants.

Thanks for reading!

Pi Uploader | Reliable Batch Uploads to Flickr

Here’s a video:

So basically the program indexes every single file on the SD card and then starts a scheduled interval process to upload them every single upload to flickr every 20 seconds. From there, it creates a set and indexes all of the upload responses and then walks though that list and adds each photo to that list. Then it emails the set URL with some other data.

I had a lot of problems with the flickr API timing out, and solved this problem by using APscheduler (easily my favorite package). You can see a more in depth chronicling my struggle on my twitter account.

I really want this project to be polished so I probably won’t be done with it for a while. I want to like 3D print a really nice looking enclosure and use a lot of panel mount components.

Here’s the python script:

Thanks for reading!