PiPlanter | Big Overhaul Update

Okay! So I leave for college in less than 30 days, but I’d like to make sure my tomatoes to continue to grow once I leave so I’ve taken some steps to make sure that my departure goes smoothly.

Here’s a video of my revised setup:

There are a few key differences between this setup and my previous one:

The main one is that the watering system has been 100% re-vamped. The water distribution happens via a hose with holes in it instead of using the tray at the bottom of the plant grid in the previous video.

It also takes, uploads and tweets a picture of itself using a raspberry pi camera module.

It also creates a new mysql table every two weeks, and in turn, renders a new kind of graph. The renderscript.php file receives an argument from the python script which is the table code.

Here’s the python script:

Here’s the .php script:

Thank you for reading!


So I’ve decided that it doesn’t make sense for me to make little tiny posts on here, so I’ve migrated my thoughts on development to twitter at: www.twitter.com/eso_logic

Pi Uploader | Updating Code for Mounting and Mounting Capabilities

This program can now handle mounting and unmounting the SD card on /mnt/SD (you will have to make that dir with root privileges)

Pi Uploader | Uploading and Photoset population with Flickr

Here’s a video!

So now, when in Flickr Upload mode, the program will:

1. Walk through all Sub-Directories and find every image file

2. Upload all of those photos to Flickr

3. Get the photo ID’s of each of those photos and then index them into a list

4. Use that list to create a Photoset (Flickr’s equivalent of a Photo Album) named after the time the photos were uploaded.

As I said in the video, I want eventually (if the weather stays this bad, tomorrow) add email functionality to the program so it will send the user an email when all of the photos have been uploaded / the set of those photos.

Here’s the source used in the video:

Pi Uploader | Copy from SD card to HDD

Here’s a video!

So half of the core functionality of the device is done! It’s a pretty simple solution to walk through all of the files in the directory. I actually might check if having sub-folders will mess the process up and it probably will, if that’s the case I’ll try and publish a fix for later tonight.

Anyway’s here’s the source:

EDIT: So the above code won’t walk through sub-folders on the SD card, here’s an updated source:

Pi Uploader | A basic skeleton

So like I said in my previous post I’m attempting to make a dead simple Flickr uploader. Video explaining this setup here:

Here’s a picture of how it’s all wired up, this will likely not change throughout the duration of the project:


Image generated by fritzing.

And here’s the python code, it’s very rudimentary:

Thanks for reading!

What I want to do before the end of the summer

As this is a development blog, I figure that those reading would want to know what I want to do by the end of the summer.

First things first, I really want to finish my speaker system once I get home. As you may or may not be able to tell, I’m currently away from my desk and on vacation. The final parts for the speaker are waiting at my house as I type this, so once I get home on Saturday I hope to finish the speakers either that night or at least the next day. Expect a higher-quality video / post about that project as I had help making it so I was able to get some really cool “making of footage” so the video should be a little better quality.

I also want to get a Raspberry Pi and Arduino board talking over an xbee network. Why I want to do this I’m not sure, but this seems like something it may be useful to learn how to do, so I’ll probably come up with some sort of dummy project to demo that technology. I wonder if I’ll use that serial deliminator script I wrote for the arduino so many months ago. That’s still probably my best work as a programmer.

I have a cool idea for a Raspberry Pi project. My mother takes a lot of photographs on her really nice DSLR camera. Much like most “normal” people she isn’t really keen on uploading photo after photo to an image hosting service. Because of this, she often either doesn’t share these photos with anybody, and takes separate photographs with her iPhone to share with others. I think I’m going to come up with some solution that has a very simple user interface (like 1 button and 2 LED’s) that can upload a whole SD card of photo’s to flickr and then email the user once it’s done.

Yeah! If there’s any stuff you want me to do / see let me know in the comments!