Sensing the Brightest Point

Youtube demo here:

This is a round about way of using a servo to move an analog sensor to 3 points to triangulate the servo degree where the photocell experiences the most light.


The servo sweeps back and forth and then another servo points to where the brightest point was.


It is very simple wiring, but the code is a little fancy. It’s all commented up here, but as always deduction is your friend.


Raspberry pi soon?

3 Pins Controlling 14 (Shift Registers)

Sorry I haven’t been posting in the last few weeks, I’ve been pretty busy with school / swimming.

The Youtube video demonstrating the final product.

Anyways! I’ve set aside my home automation project and picked up a few of these shift registers: the 74hc595 by TI, seen here:

As seen in the video above, I’m controlling 14 led’s using two of the 74hc595s and and 3 pins on an Arduino Uno.

The Breadboard

The program uses a for loop and cycles through the 14 pins on the registers. That code can be found here. Thanks for reading, check back soon for updates on the home automation project.