Beginnings of a web controlled Arduino

So I’ve made a bit of progress with the project that I’ve been undertaking lately. I’m trying to control a powerswitch tail from an arduino via the internet using the Ethernet shield and a PHP server. Right now I can edit a the name of a string (well, echo) in putty on a document on my PHP server (the very same LAMP that’s allowing me to type this post!) and have the Arduino decode that string (echo) and print it back to the serial console at 9600 baud. ¬† You can grab the source for the Arduino here and the PHP script here See comments in the arduino code for notes about setup. Also deduction is your friend ūüôā Happy programming!

New Monitor!

I recently built my 1st computer and the monitor finally came in. Pictures are below.

The computer is built around the intel i5-2500k. It’s got 8gb of ram, 500gb HDD, 60gb SSD for caching (face melting speeds), 750w PSW, nVidia GTX560ti 448core EVGA classified, and an AsRock extreme4 gen3 motherboard. It’s the fastest computer I’ve ever owned.


It’s 20 inches (way bigger than it sounds) and is LED backlit. It looks really really really nice.

Learning PHP [1]

Hello to anybody reading his!

I’ve¬†decided¬†to teach myself the language PHP. This won’t be the first time I’ve ¬†attempted to teach myself a language sans-instructor before, but i’m sure i’ll make due.

This will¬†however be the first time that I attempt to do so while I have a website! You can follow my progress at the index of Right now I’ve got a sample for arrays in there.

You can right-click -> save as the documents and open them in your favorite text editor, (I know for sure it works in vim in debian, as that’s where i’m editing it in) or click the document to see the output.

Happy Programming!


This is my desk.probably what my mind looks like right now as well

Look how messy it is! That’s what happens when someone with minimal experience tries to make a website.¬†Making this server / website was pretty easy actually. The hardest part was obtaining a computer to run in all on.

This website is going to be where I post things that I make / show you how to make / things I find awesome. It is also going to be a companion to my youtube channel: